Green Energy Solutions

Green energy solution for home and business

Are you considering an EV charging station, LED lighting or Solar PV?

Whether you are keen to save money on your energy bills, demonstrate your commitment to lowering carbon emissions or are a keen early adopter, advanced energy efficient systems satisfy a range of needs both in the home and in business.

Green Energy Solutions

EV charging stations

With extraordinary performance, low emissions and a range of financial benefits to support their uptake in Ireland, electric vehicles (EV) have the potential to make a significant impact on our national carbon footprint. To keep EV drivers moving, more and more EV charging stations will be needed in workplaces, shopping centres, hotels and leisure centres, filling stations, in public car parks and of course, at home.


Whether you need one EV charging station for the home, or many for your workplace or shopping centre car park, our team of Registered Electrical Contractors can design and install EV charging solutions tailored to your needs. The result is exceptional convenience and energy accessibility alongside a lower carbon footprint and energy savings that benefit everyone.

Green Energy Solutions

LED lighting

LED lighting is a popular green energy technology that is highly regarded for its ability to lower the carbon footprint. This eco-friendly choice however has a range of other benefits including:
Not only does LED lighting reduce our impact on the environment, it can make a big difference to your energy bills by using up to 80% less energy than incandescent lighting. Our team of Registered Electrical Contractors is highly experienced in the design and installation of LED lighting based on your specific building type and requirements. We also undertake LED lighting retrofits to replace older, outdated lighting systems that use more energy and cost more to run.

Green Energy Solutions

Solar PV

Solar PV technology offers outstanding energy efficiency and is the popular choice for lowering energy consumption and saving money on energy bills. They can also help increase a property’s BER rating, and even its overall value. Ivan Kelly Electrics can facilitate the design, supply and installation of ground mounted and rooftop solar panels for new builds and building retrofits, and can provide tailored advice for the right solution to suit your energy and cost saving needs. With the potential to save thousands on energy bills each year, solar PV is the smart option for cost-effective energy into the future.
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