Green energy grants

SEAI Green Energy Grants

Want to get a green energy solution for your home or you business?

If you are keen to install a green energy solution in your home or business, you may be eligible for a grant from the SEAI to help cover the cost. Ivan Kelly Electrics is registered with the SEAI to design and install your green energy solution. Find out more about grants available at the SEAI website or call our team for more information.

Grants for the home

EV Home Charger Grant

If you drive an electric car or are planning to purchase one, an EV charging station at home offers the ultimate convenience and reliability. Some EV owners may be eligible for the SEAI grant of up to €6000 to help cover the cost of installing an EV charging system at home.

Grants for the home

Solar Electricity Grant

If you are considering solar PV for your home, the SEAI offers a grant that can help offset the cost of your solar panels and their installation.

Grants for the home

SEAI Free Energy Upgrades for Eligible Homes

If your home is in need of an energy upgrade you may be eligible for an SEAI grant to help cover the cost of your retrofit.

Grants for businesses

Accelerated Capital Allowance

The Accelerated Capital Allowance is a tax incentive that enables sole traders, farmers or companies that pays corporation tax in Ireland reduce their tax bill and energy costs.

Grants for businesses

The EXEED certified grant

The EXEED grant scheme offers eligible organisations planning an energy investment project grant support of up to €1,000,000.

Grants for businesses

Project Assistance Grants

If your business spends more than €250,000 each year on energy, you may be eligible for grant support to help develop projects to reduce energy consumption and costs.
The SEAI also offers a number of useful resources to help your business save energy including business briefings, workshops and tools for supporting energy implementation strategies in the workplace.
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