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Whether you need a turn key solution for the full range of electrical and data cabling needs, to green energy solutions like LED lighting or solar PV, our experienced team will provide the right advice for your situation and install your electrical system with expert precision.

Domestic services

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Domestic services

New build homes and extensions

Building a new home, or an extension to your existing home, is an exciting project that enables you to design a living space that works according to your needs. Ivan and his team will take the time to understand your vision, from the intended layout your living room to the ideal home office space, and design your electrical system to suit your needs. From the installation of lighting and power sockets to networking and data cables, we will design and install electrics that support the way you want to live in your new home.

Domestic services

PAT Inspections for safety

PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing and describes the regular visual inspection and testing of electrical devices such as computers, kettles, extension cords and lamps to determine their safety. Unsafe devices run the risk of electrical shock, burns and fire, among other risks, and should be routinely inspected to identify any issues before they occur. Only a competent engineer can carry out PAT inspections, which are regulated by the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. While regular PAT inspections are recommended for every household, they are a legal requirement for landlords who supply electrical devices in rented accommodation. Our experienced team is certified to undertake PAT inspections and provide safety advice for the use of electrical devices in the home.

Domestic services

Periodic Inspection Reports

Over time, electrical systems can suffer wear and tear. Faulty wiring is one of the main causes for home fires with Irish fire services showing that approximately eight fires a week were caused by faulty electrical installation. Our team can provide a comprehensive assessment of your electrical systems and to ensure any potential issues are identified and remedied before they cause harm or damage. We will provide a detailed report that highlights any issues and what needs to be done to fix them. While periodic electrical inspections are recommended for every home approximately every five years, landlords have a responsibility to carry out electrical inspections on a regular basis and undertake any remedial work to their rented accommodation.

Domestic services

Design roles

Climate change poses a serious challenge both now and in the future and green energy solutions are becoming more popular both for the impact they have on lowering the carbon footprint and the money they can help homeowners save on their energy bills. Ivan Kelly Electrics can provide advice and manage the design and installation of energy saving systems throughout the home that perform consistently and reliably and save homeowners money. Find out more about green energy solutions for the home such as LED lighting, EV charging stations and solar PV, and the grants available to help cover their cost.
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